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The 17th Grandson

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Meet the 17th grandson of FERMA Family. We use to call him KEN at home but Asian friends used to call him CHI-ken of CHI-kam. In their culture, CHI means, an abandoned child for he was formed after parents separated.

The mother lived near his brother and sister place whle working in a hardware company but later the mother agreed to a strange husband to add a baby for him, for the other woman he change with her and live-in after separation appears to be not presentable in appearance.

It sounds funny and abnormal but that is exactly happens, so the man after his duty as a bus conductor stays in child mother's room rented. Until his birth to bring home in their house where the man's mother already manage the house after separation.

When my wife knows the story for the separation was not been discovered then but only after the child's birth. So she volunteer her help even it may cause bad effects to her health as a canser patient. In her mind then, the child is like her situations too then, abandoned by parents, that needs help not only as a granny but she pity for the child even she still don't forgive the bad things done by her mother to us.

My wife will take good care of the child while the mother is preparing for herself to stand alone for the child's future preparations, so, she help her by giving money for her documentations and training needs before going abroad to work in Japan.

And also, the child's doctor discovered that the child has an inborn defect so, we X-rayed him and found to have a GENU VARUS Deformity or Bow Legs on both legs.

Ken Legs Photo:

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It's a sin to hurt someone, intentional or not?

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How about you, did anybody asked you why do you say sorry too?


Our Madam is really an observant woman but she never do it to harm others but to be aware, so she can be able to defend herself if she will be attacked or be harmed by others again. Since her childhood, she usually hurt by others of things she do not know. In fact her canser was develop since childhood way of life.


She can't sleep well or afraid to sleep every night thinking of what bad things happens again when she awakes. She is worried of what will be her faults or sins again tomorrow, feed by other people around to her olds or guardians & be punished without even telling her what happend or what she does wrong?


Instead she just hears words while been punished about parents done in the past. She was blamed to it, when in fact she had only seen once in her lifetime & she was just a little girl then & don't even remember there faces?


Being an abandoned child by parents, although she was cared by her mother's relatives but she was never been trusted or loved at all. She is always confused, for what she will say or do, for she will always be subject of blamed, hurting words or her punishments without knowings.




The Monk was surprised so, he stop for a while and closed his eyes for a moment. And when eyes open, the smiling Monk say, maybe you used to go in this kind of places than in the city proper? The Madam was surprised too, why he guess Madam's used to go. He continued, in the city there are already some who forgot that rightful teachings we teaches them compared here. Maybe it's been influence already? The Monk asked her if what is her RELEGION and she said I am a ROMAN CATHOLIC since birth.


Isn't it Jesus Christ teachings is to say sorry whenever you made a mistakes so you will be forgiven? She answer it yes, but asked again why repeated so many times? They maybe realize at once that what they did is a sin whenever they talk or do, that's why you hears them say sorry repeatedly.


For It is better to be corrected at once instead of savings many small sins & uncorrected. The longer you save small sins, the more burden you will shoulder & just realized one day that it becomes already a big or mortal sins to GOD that will hurt yourself & hardly be corrected anymore & needs to face man's law to be corrected (you will be sued or jailed) or killed by others you hurt much?




In her thoughts, so it needs to be fully aware of sins means we must understand what are sins? Then she asked again, in your relegion what are sins? I saw or know some traits of Catholic tourists not good for me.


When you hurt someone, it maybe in words or actions, intentional or not, it's a sin and you need to say sorry.


YES, she uttered but a doubtful answer . . . she stop too for a while and think, WHAT?Hurting in words, actions & intentional, I BELIEVED. But HOW can we commit a sins unintentionally?




Due to they already arrived in the temple, the Monk said, you can rest for a while in any places you want here, or you can go inside the temple or go under the tree for your reflections for it seems you have doubts and questions in mind. (See how sensitive the Monk is?) Before he left her, he stop & face her again & said, we can talk again after dinner or tomorrow if you want to talk with me in that matter bothering you? And the Monk walk in advanced inside to prepare there meals.




While madam was still wondering in the place where she stop. She found the nearby big stone near the well and drink. She never realized that they already arrived and was able to walked 4 kilometers without a rest nor drink? She just feel tired now and plan seat in a big stone but she was not able to reach and blockout.


Behind Madam's knowledge, the donor explain already to the Monk her real situation so, the Monk calls them in a 2way radio madam brought & awake surprisingly for her doctor and donor was already in front of her. She still insist on sleeping in the temple compound that night for out of curiosity & fresh air she feels & a silent place.


She really had a peaceful sleep & her body rest that night. She was energized well & was able to wake up early that morning for the 1st time without any complaints of dizzy or body pains. So she was able to reflect rightfully on their last topic yesterday which she remembered it clearly.


And the only thing that pops up her mind that morning when on reflections was that, her childhood so many unanswered questions that bothered her mind while growing up & some of them was "why were they blaming me of my parents past, when only saw them once since birth? Why do people got angry when in fact I do nothing to them and why do I got angry to them when they just look at me in meaningful way?" These questions help her realized or understand the answers that bothered her mind yesterday.


And after there breakfast, when the Monk asked her if they need to continue talking? And our Madam gracefully said thank you for the words & wisdoms you shared me yesterday, you have help me understand some of my childhood questions unanswered. And she shared it with them and they both happy departing the place after lunch with another surprised from the Monk, "May God be with you always & forever!" His last catholic words and smile again. They no longer walk this time but ride in an ambulance.




While traveling to the hospital, she thoughts of many things and one was that her 1st time to hear other relegion. She don't usually talk with other preachers or go to other churches but takes photo in a distance outside the building when she saw beautiful buildings or views for she grows it, not right to do. "To commit sins unintentionally and what is the connections with the questions unanswered in her childhood problem?"


According to our Madam, it's true that we can possibly commit sins unintentionally, WHY? Did we ever experienced while walking and meeting somebody unknown to you, you just feel confused, just made you frown, or when meet eyes on you, you just throw your face side up or you even feels that you don't like them? ISN'T IT . . . but they do nothing on you, you just meet along the way, but you feel negatively on them?


So, HUMAN by NATURE tends to be JUDGEMENTAL due to FREEDOMS & IMPERFECTIONS that can possibly cause us sins even they are UNINTENTIONALLY done? It depends on how we grow.


So, even how GOOD a HUMAN were created by GOD, if the FREEDOMS that God INTRUSTED US were uses to HURT a child while growing up & worsed resulted them in TRAUMAS, that's one reasons a man can think of negative to others unintentionally to defend themselves that MIGHT HURT THEM based on there experiences.


WHILE HAPPY or GOOD PERSONS growing up never do it due to IGNORANCE. EXCEPT if they happens to saw nor just experience it, that will be the starts for them to feels negatively too to others too that might commit them sins unintentionally too.


So you see how the chain reactions works? That's one reasons we need to ask forgiveness at once instead to just ignored. We just need to be specific like. . . another reasons, if you meet someone unknown to you & just got mad on you but honestly, you dont know why! It's not BAD to say "I'M SORRY, MAY I KNOW WHY YOU GOT MAD, THERE MIGHT BE A MISUNDERSTANDING?" Sometimes we can't see always our faces & only others can see it. TO BE THE REASON'S WHY WE HURT OTHERS is also a SIN. (In filipino, ANG SANHI NG PAGKAKASALA ay mortal sin din).


If we say misundertanding, it must be true from your heart. It means that you are unaware too. So, saying sorry from the heart means, you are really downly sorry but if you say sorry with a provoking voice or too pround, gives a sign to the other party that you lie & intentionally do it, that will makes it worst instead to understand one another. In saying sorry, we must have an open mind too. especially we do not know how he grows up. How if he grows up in a deaf guardian or used to talk a loud for that runs in a growing up family? No one likes to be in bad manners if given a change. They can't easily avoid it for they grow with it. So instead of hurting with bad words, why not try to understand & focus on solutions for both possitive agreements. 


This REASONS OF SINS is similar with THEFT. When you steal anybody's money you commit sin, how if that money is intended for a medicines or operations of the family head and dies, another sins commited, how if that money was loan collateral with there home you commit another sins again for you take out the whole family peacefully living in there homes and live elsewhere and the big burden is that if the children can no longer have a change of a good future and ruin to just work in places not intended for children? Like prostitutions & beggar under syndicate's controlled? See how chain reactions is? That's the reason why THEFT is a MORTAL SINS to GOD & the same with SANHI NG PAGKAKASALA.




Although we are created the best in all God's creations, SINS was still commited due to BAD FREEDOM of CHOICES we made. But sins to God are forgivable if we rightfully face it by saying SORRY to the one you hurt, including the consequences results and try not to do it again. Big or small as long as you asked forgiveness from the heart, they may accept it or not, it's in the hands of God already for it's a sin too not to forgive unless you are not really sorry or sins made the same from younger to older like drinking of hard liquior means destroying your body made by God.




Now, I'm just curious to asked other opinions, if you are strong enough to answer the questions. In any family problems, who must first ask forgiveness, the parents or the children and vice-versa and why? Just my own curiosity questions? It might give lessons to the concerned who happens to have the same problems? For we've gone through that stage then, I was sold by my parents to a bad organizations, did I forgive them or hated my whole life & why?

Re-new old website!

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We just renew the website some days ago for the owner to used. This site is for the family to connect wherever the locations are, but it seems we found out unused by the concerned? They made us think of what kind of children or family madam has?

Compared to us, although she is not our biological parents, we love her more than our own parents for that is what they want us to do for her. We can't pay the goodness she does to us since we were saved from bad doers and our parents told us that loving her with whole heartedly and sharing to others what madam does to us then, makes her silently happy.

Madam's believes that helping others are not like a loan that needs to be paid and even don't need interest to be pay as well. According to her, God only uses her to help us. Each one of us can be used by God in helping our fellowmen so, to help is not payable but needs to forward to others as well.

At the start, we really experienced how deciplinarian and terror guardian she was, but later we discovered and realized why. Then changed our way of life not because we were afraid of her. But the secret was that we tried our best to live the way God has created man, makes her smiles already and stop hurting each time we made a mistakes. And later we win her trust in full that makes us all happy as well as our parents.

Of course, SINS can't never be avoided by man for we are not perfect like God, but there are some keys our madam shares us.

In our daily life, we must not forget the words I LOVE YOU,  THANK YOU and SORRY. So before we sleep, even how sleepy we are, we must always give time in reflecting with God of our day to day activities and say the word I LOVE YOU to parents or family before we go to sleep, say the word THANK YOU to God for helping you discovered and realized after reflection with God, so tomorrow you will be ready also to say the word SORRY to anyone you hurt yesterday after realizations that it was your fault.

Wow, me to say sorry? Saying the word if you don't used to say it, it's really hard accepting even it's your fault and I am one of them then. . . . 


" Mga Natisud Na Aral Mula sa Aking Paglalakbay "

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ang TAO pala, ay NILIKHA ngDiyos na MABUTI lamang.


binigyan lalo ng KALAYAAN upang mabuhay sa mundo.

ang kalayaang PILIING mabuhay

ng ayon sa Kanyang Kaloobang gumawa ng TAMA lamang

o suwayin Siya sa at umayon sa MALING landasin.

kaya, anuman ang KAHIHINATNAN natin sa buhay


dahil sa TAYO ang NAMILI ng landasin



my dedication to our family

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to our families,

friends and everyone

who shares or have time

to read this blog.

it may be



this reflection,

can help a lot to us.


can we give a try?

lets find out!!!!!!!!

(to be continued)

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